Before entering into the world of aquatics, Baruzzini Contracting cut it's teeth as construction managers and general contractors.  This experience leading full commercial building projects gives us a leg up on other aquatic builders as we understand the entire construction process rather than only our discipline.  This experience along with our plethora of knowledge in concrete allows us to provide the highest level of quality through the entire construction process while managing costs and meeting schedules.


Very often construction projects are designed beyond the client's budget forcing the dreaded Value Engineering phase where cost cutting occurs to get the project back in line. This happens because most design firms do no have the experience and current pricing knowledge to accurately estimate a project during the design phases. Because, at Baruzzini Aquatics, we are designers AND builders, we consistently and accurately estimate your project at the completion of each phase of design and documentation. This ensures that your project construction costs will fall within your budget with no surprises or cost cutting after construction documents are complete.


The concrete shell is the backbone on which you aquatics project is built and after nearly 70 years in the concrete industry there are few companies that know as much about this complex building material than Baruzzini Aquatics. It is this knowledge and experience that allows us to know which placement method, mix design, and reinforcing is most appropriate for your project. Once designed, our field personnel use their extensive experience to ensure that each pour is placed accurately and meets our extreme tolerances. When complete, our cast-in-place concrete pool shell will be water tight without the addition of any pool finish. Something that very few pool contractors can boast and something that will guarantee your pool will be beautiful for generations of use.

For more information about our extensive concrete experience, please click below to visit our Baruzzini Contracting website.


Pool and spa plumbing is extremely complicated.  This is why Baruzzini Aquatics employs only the very best plumbers. These seasoned professionals utilize our 3-dimensional assembly documents to accurately and precisely install your pool equipment and associated piping. Ease of operation for your pool operators and future maintenance and access are considered in each and every layout. At the completion of the plumbing installation and pool start-up, our experienced staff will train you on your new pool system as well as providing accurate valve legends, valve tags, and detailed operation instructions. When complete, your pool equipment room will be a work of art and your staff will be more than sufficiently trained.


Construction Documents are the life blood of a construction project.  They are the tools the contractors utilize to transform a design into reality and their completeness and accuracy is of utmost importance.  
At Baruzzini Aquatics, we have unique qualifications that provide us the ability to create a level of construction documents that is simply unmatched in the industry.  We are both seasoned contractors as well as licensed architects and we know the best ways to communicate a design to a construction team.  

Our documents not only include plans, sections, and details.  The can include three-dimensional plumbing assembly drawings.  These 3d documents provide clear and complete instructions to the bidders and contractors to ensure that the complex pool plumbing is installed correctly and with the most efficient and useful layout possible.  This level of completeness not only ensures proper construction and installation, it will lower construction costs as there is little guess work for the field personnel.


Chloramines are disinfectant byproducts of necessary pool chemicals doing their job and account for the “pool smell” we are all familiar with. Chloramines are toxic and corrosive and harmful to your health. Chloramines are heavier than oxygen and therefore most abundant at the pool surface where swimmers are gasping for air. The Paddock Evacuator Gutter is a patented system that can be installed by Baruzzini Aquatics. It captures chloramines at their source and exhausts them from the space before then have a chance to build and become a problem. It is, quite simply, the number one solution to air quality issues that have plagued natatorium space for generations. Please contact us to learn how an Evacuator Gutter installed by Baruzzini Aquatics can be installed in your natatorium.