Whether through a service contract or through on-call service, out service technicians are here to support you, your team, and your facility.

Our maintenance services include: Chemical Balance and Water Quality Analysis, Equipment service and upgrades including, but not limited to Filtration (all forms), Pumps, Chemical Feed Systems, Ultraviolet Disinfection, Auto-fill Systems & Auto Level Controllers, Heaters, Competition Equipment, Maintenance & Safety Equipment, Fountain Equipment, Preventative Maintenance. We can also provide One of a Kind System Training and Manuals as well as System Analysis and Health Inspections.


Water quality is of the utmost importance in your aquatic facility. Unbalanced water can have significant health affects on swimmers and can easily telegraph into air quality issues. At Baruzzini Aquatics, our maintenance staff are experts in water chemistry and can ensure your levels are dialed in correctly. We fully understand the necessary levels of pH, Chlorine, Acidity, and Cyanuric Acid and can help you achieve and maintain proper water balance.

We are also extremely familiar with numerous chemical control and injection systems and are certified repair technicians and installers for Prominent Chemical Control devices. Through our expertise and experience we can assist you in the creation and/or maintenance of a trouble-free chemical feed and monitoring system thus ensuring proper water chemistry for your entire facility.


Maintenance on your pool and/or spa equipment is extremely important. It will not only ensure that your facility is operating properly, it will greatly extend the lifespan of your equipment. Pumps, filters, chemical injection & monitoring, variable frequency drives, and controls all need regular maintenance and our technicians are experts in the plethora of brands and models.

Whether you choose a regular maintenance contract or simply contact us when you need us, Baruzzini Aquatics will be able to assist you and your staff to guarantee proper operation of your pool and spa equipment.


There have been tremendous technological advancements in modern commercial pool equipment in the last decade and these advancements continue each and every year. New filtration, automation, monitoring, and circulation equipment have helped make pools and spas more automated and self correcting. Along with these technological advancements comes complexity. At Baruzzini Aquatics, we make it a point to ensure that you and your staff are properly educated and trained about your pool and its associated equipment.

Whether through one-of-a-kind custom training videos, valve legends of your systems, and/or custom step-by-step operational manuals, we can ensure that you fully understand your equipment and how to ensure it is working properly on a day-to-day basis. We even host your manuals and tutorials on our website and with the simple scan of a custom QR code on your mobile device you can have access to all of the pertinent information about your systems.