As architects and builders first, we bring a unique perspective to our design services.  We fully understand the complexities of commercial design and construction and can assist our clients with design decisions utilizing our expertise in construction costs, quality, and schedule.

Although there are a plethora of design services we provide, we have focused on a few for this webpage; Facility Analysis, Planning, Presentation, & Construction Documentation. We hope these will illustrate how our knowledge and quality can be applied to your unique project.


A feasibility study will assist you in comparing your planned facility with the realities of Construction, Operations, and Return on Investment. In its creation, we will meet with you to determine your requirements and planned programs and create program diagrams based upon those. We will utilize our extensive experience along with exhaustive research to create a comprehensive analysis of the existing conditions and how they will affect the design and construction of the facility. Things like soils investigation, existing facility analysis (if applicable), and water chemistry analysis will provide extremely valuable information for determining the overall construction and operational costs. These costs can then be compared to your programming, membership, and occupancy to determine the long term return on investment.


Preliminary planning is the process of taking the valuable information gathered during a feasibility study and utilizing it, along with our design experience and talents to create a graphic plan for your project. This can be accomplished in a single phase project or your site can be master planned for its full potential in phased projects that can be completed as funds become available. Preliminary planning sets the tone for all future phases and can be graphically represented in a way that best conveys your design requirements and ultimate project goals.


Excellent designs must be communicated expertly and beautifully. That is why we utilize the most current software and techniques to provide life-like presentations of your aquatic facility design. Three-dimensional modeling is used to create realistic environments, materials, and textures to give you and your future patrons an accurate portrayal of the future facility. These models can then be animated and set to sound and music to give an immersive experience.


Construction Documents are the life blood of a construction project.  They are the tools the contractors utilize to transform a design into reality and their completeness and accuracy is of utmost importance.  
At Baruzzini Aquatics, we have unique qualifications that provide us the ability to create a level of construction documents that is simply unmatched in the industry.  We are both seasoned contractors as well as licensed architects and we know the best ways to communicate a design to a construction team.  

Our documents not only include plans, sections, and details.  The can include three-dimensional plumbing assembly drawings.  These 3d documents provide clear and complete instructions to the bidders and contractors to ensure that the complex pool plumbing is installed correctly and with the most efficient and useful layout possible.  This level of completeness not only ensures proper construction and installation, it will lower construction costs as there is little guess work for the field personnel.